Posted on October 10th, 2009 by TIKS

Windows 7 & Vista problems


Please, if you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista,
Try to run both programs (Tibia client and Bictrainer) as Administrator!!!
This should fix your problems with freezing ad crashing!
To do this, click with the Right Mouse Button in Tibia icon and select "Run as Administrator" and repeat on Bictrainer Icon!

To download Bictrainer, please click in Download button and to read our old news, just scroll down :)

Posted on February 11, 2008 by TIKS

BicTrainer 1.1.0 ready!

This new version doesn't have nothing special, just removing updater functions that were not working well.

Source is available.

Download it now in our download section!

Posted on December 12th, 2007 by TIKS

BicTrainer 1.0.9 ready!

A new version of BicTrainer is ready with a lot of new cool features!

A new function is our new custom aimbot, with that you can heal yourself using runes (and mana runes) or attack players using it name.

And now we got a new function called Auto Magic Shield, I gues you know what is that, it use Utamo Vita for you.

By the way, I fixed some annoying bugs like the Macro one, that when you close Bictrainer without turn that off you got a frozen bot, not anymore.


Download it now in our download section!

Posted on October 10th, 2007 by TIKS

BicTrainer 1.0.8 is availble!

The new version is already availble for download!
Some bugs are fixed and now it has a updater notifier!
Ever when a new release became availble, you'll know!

Download it now in our download section!

Posted on SEPTEMBER 30th, 2007 by TIKS

BicTrainer 1.0.7 is almost done!

We've recoded the aim feature to avoid misses in monsters, with this new version (that changes the main app and dll too)
you'll not miss the monsters, also we're including an "Update notifier", so when we release a new version, you'll know, it's
good because avoid you keep using a bugged version or you lose new cool features.

More one thing, i've to ask your apologizes for the downtime we got a couple days ago, that was a server problem and we don't
know what happenned, anyway, sorry for the inconvenience.

About the auto group feature, we've to ask sorry again, but this function will keep disabled in this new version because this code
is really wide and it has to be make carefully or it'll be bugged like the older one.

Your BicTrainer team - always good!

Posted on SEPTEMBER 15th, 2007 by TIKS

BicTrainer 1.0.6

We detected some bugs with the help from users and now we're fixing them.
To know what changed, look for the Change Log in download section!


Posted on SEPTEMBER 10th, 2007 by TIKS

BicTrainer 1.0.5 and Broadcaster

How I said ago, the new version is ready and all (again, I guess) bugs are fixed.
We added a new cool feature called "Broadcaster", with that you can send a message for everyone in the server (with the !online) with just a few clicks!

Try it today! Download in the download section!

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